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The POA No.6 website was developed to serve as an informative resource and main communication vehicle for the Pinehurst No. 6 community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ POA News & Announcements ~
Street Light Survey Results
On Monday, September 15, 2014, the results of the recent Street Light Survey were released by the Village Council.  To net it all out, Pinehurst #6 will not be getting street lights any time soon.  Our neighbors across the street in Village Acres will be getting lighting at their more major intersections.  They will be the only neighborhood in Pinehurst getting new lighting at this time.
Pinehurst #6 had the largest number of responses with 374 residents participating. 
Here are the results for Pinehurst #6 only:

How satisfied are you with the adequacy of the street lights in YOUR Neighborhood?
Very satisfied                        31%
Satisfied                                16%
Neutral                                   14%
Dissatisfied                           38%
How satisfied are you with the adequacy of street lighting in the Village Center?
Very satisfied                        27%
Satisfied                                38%
Neutral                                   27%
Dissatisfied                           8%
Would you say that installing street lighting will make a difference in the overall safety in YOUR neighborhood?
Much safer                            31%
A little safer                           24%
Less safe                                 5%
No difference                                    40%
What amount of street lighting is most appropriate for YOUR neighborhood?
Most lighting                         19%
More lighting                         16%
Moderate lighting                 24%
Limited lighting                     8%
No new lighting                    33%
Would you prefer additional street lighting in YOUR neighborhood?
No                                           50.26%
Yes                                         49.73%
If you would prefer additional street lighting,  please rank the choices.  Of the 181 who wanted more lighting, 176 responded ranked in order of priority.
General safety                      40%
Vehicular navigation           27%
Walking after dark                23%
Visitor finding way               10%
Would additional street lighting address your general concerns for YOUR neighborhood?
Yes                                         48%
No                                           10%
Things are fine                     42%
So there you have it for Pinehurst #6.  Village Acres definitely had a majority dissatisfied with the lighting.  Once installed, they will be a good measure for how intrusive and beneficial that their  limited lighting might be.  The Village Board was impressed with the size of our participation. 
Thank you one and all for sharing your opinion.
John Flynn

#6 license plates are available for $8. To purchase, contact Jacque Weston at 215-0773 or
Maps of our #6 community plus many more are available on this site under Registered Members/Documents

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Monday, December 8th, 7PM at Village Hall
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Friday, December 12th at Pinehurst Country Club
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